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Stock Information

Find details about our transfer agent, dividend reinvestment plan, and what to do if you hold O&R Common Stock.

Who is the transfer agent for Con Edison?

Computershare. For information regarding stock ownership, dividend payments, dividend check replacement, direct deposit of dividends, reinvestment of dividends, withdrawals or liquidation from a dividend reinvestment account, transfer requirements, change of address, lost stock certificates, stock certificate deposit into book-entry form, and duplicate mailings, please contact Computershare.

When does Con Edison pay dividends?

Dividends are generally paid quarterly during March, June, September, and December to holders of record on the Record Date. Distributions are made in the form of checks or direct deposits to shareholder checking or savings account, or reinvested in accordance with our Automatic Dividend Reinvestment and Cash Payment Plan.

Can I purchase stock directly from Con Edison?

No, we don’t have a direct purchase plan at this time.

Do you have a dividend reinvestment plan?

Yes. We offer an Automatic Dividend Reinvestment and Cash Payment Plan. Current holders of the company’s common stock with a minimum ownership of 50 shares are eligible to participate in the Plan.

The Plan's features and benefits include:

  • No brokerage commission to buy shares
  • Convenient, automatic investment of cash dividends
  • Optional additional investment of up to $100,000 in any calendar year
  • Optional cash payments may be made by monthly electronic funds transfer from a participant's designated bank account
  • Efficient investment because fractions of shares are credited to a participant's Plan account (as well as whole shares) and earn dividends proportionate to those earned on whole shares
  • Share certificates may be deposited into book-entry form

Computershare administers the Automatic Dividend Reinvestment and Cash Payment Plan.

For more information regarding the Plan or to obtain a copy of the Plan prospectus and the enrollment form, please contact Computershare.

Former O&R Shareholders

In mid-1999, common stock shareholders of Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc., approved the company's merger with Consolidated Edison, Inc. All shareholders of O&R Common Stock were required, pursuant to the terms of the merger agreement, to sell their shares of O&R Common Stock to Consolidated Edison, Inc., for the merger price of $58.50 per share.

As a result of the merger, O&R Common Stock is no longer traded or listed on any stock exchange and no dividends have been declared since the time of the merger. If you hold shares of O&R Common Stock, you should remit such shares to Consolidated Edison, Inc., and receive the merger price of $58.50 per share.

Contact the Bank of New York, the stock transfer agent for Consolidated Edison, Inc., to remit your shares.