Our Businesses

Con Edison's principal business segments are Consolidated Edison Company of New York's regulated electric, gas, and steam utility activities, Orange & Rockland Utilities' (O&R) regulated electric and gas utility activities, and Con Edison's competitive energy businesses.

Con Edison of New York provides electric service to approximately 3.3 million customers and gas service to approximately 1.1 million customers in New York City and Westchester County. The company also provides steam service in parts of Manhattan. Visit Con Edison’s website.

Orange & Rockland provides electric service to 301,000 customers in southeastern New York and adjacent areas of northern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania and gas service to 130,000 customers in southeastern New York and adjacent areas of eastern Pennsylvania. Visit Orange & Rockland’s website.

Con Edison's competitive energy businesses participate in segments of the electricity industry that are less comprehensively regulated than our regulated businesses. These segments include the operation of electric generation facilities, trading of electricity and fuel, sales of electricity to wholesale and retail customers, and sales of certain energy-related goods and services.

Con Edison Transmission
offers customers diverse, low-cost energy supplies by investing in electric and gas transmission projects. Visit Con Edison Transmission’s website.

Con Edison Solutions is a retail energy supply and services company that sells electricity directly to delivery-service customers of utilities primarily in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Visit Con Edison Solutions’ website.

Con Edison Development
participates in infrastructure projects, developing and operating a grid of connected renewable energy infrastructure throughout the continental United States. Visit Con Edison Development’s website.

Con Edison Energy is a wholesale energy supply company that procures electric energy, fuel, and capacity for Con Edison Solutions. Visit Con Edison Energy’s website.

Revenue by Business

Con Edison’s businesses bring in a collective $13B+ in revenue.

A pie chart breaking down Con Edison’s $13B+ in revenue. The bulk is brought in by CECONY Electric.
  • Con Edison’s businesses bring in a collective $13B+ in revenue.