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Political Engagement

Public policy decisions can have significant implications for our customers, the energy systems we manage, and the future direction of our company. That’s why we participate in the political process, adhering to all the national, state, and local laws and regulations.
Our engagement in the political process is grounded in and guided by our commitment to our Standards of Business Conduct. Our efforts in this regard meet high ethical standards, are done in accordance with strict company procedures and guidelines, and in a manner that demonstrates accountability and transparency. 

Political Contributions

No Con Edison corporate funds are used directly for political contributions to candidates, political parties, or political committees other than contributions to the Consolidated Edison, Inc. Employees’ Political Action Committee (CEIPAC). No corporate payments have been made, nor do we intend to make payments, to influence the outcome of ballot measures. Additionally, neither Con Edison nor CEIPAC makes independent expenditures in support of or in opposition to, candidates, political parties, or ballot measures. Finally, we do not contribute to “independent expenditure” committees organized under section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Con Edison, Inc.’s Political Action Committee

We have a long standing tradition of civic engagement. Our involvement in the public policy debate and political process is an important, necessary, and appropriate part of doing business. One part of our engagement includes participating in the political process at the municipal, state, and federal levels through political contributions.
CEIPAC is a nonpartisan political action committee. Eligible employees voluntarily combine personal contributions to support both federal and state level elected officials and candidates through campaign contributions. CEIPAC funding supports both federal and state level elected officials and candidates through campaign contributions.

  • CEIPAC is primarily funded by voluntary contributions from eligible employees who are not reimbursed.
  • Con Edison and its subsidiaries may contribute to the CEIPAC as permitted under state and federal law. CEIPAC administrative expenses are funded entirely through in-kind contributions from Consolidated Edison, Inc. and its subsidiaries. All contributions to CEIPAC are provided in accordance with federal and state laws, rules, and regulations and are reported to relevant federal, state, and local campaign finance authorities as required by law.
  • Political disbursements made through the CEIPAC are made without regard to the personal or political preferences of company officers and executives.
  • CEIPAC is a separate legal entity and is overseen by a board of directors made up of five company executives. They are the: Vice President & Controller of Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. (CECONY); Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs of CECONY; President and Chief Executive Officer, Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses; President and Chief Executive Officer of Orange and Rockland; Vice President, Government, Regional and Community Affairs of CECONY.
  • CEIPAC’s board factors in many criteria when deciding whether to approve contributions, including a candidate's position on issues; voting records; incumbents’ leadership on key committees, and the extent of a member company's presence in a district.
  • Con Edison's internal auditing department conducts periodic reviews of CEIPAC's practices and procedures, and an independent auditing firm also reviews those procedures on a yearly basis.

CEIPAC’s Mission

  • To make responsible political statements by raising and contributing funds to political candidates on both sides of the aisle
  • To monitor, analyze, and review potential candidates to determine their stance towards the industry and how they might engage with the company and its customers
  • To educate elected officials about our business and how their constituents may be affected by particular legislation
  • To engage employees in the political process and keep them informed of political news


Con Edison's lobbying activities are publicly available and are reported and properly disclosed in accordance with federal, state, and local laws.

How to obtain federal, state, and city lobbying reports:


Query the Lobbying Disclosure Act Database
Page 1: Select "registrant name" and submit.
Page 2: Select "Consolidated Edison" and submit.

New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics

View Con Edison’s JCOPE reports by executing a client query. Enter Con Edison as the client name and select a registration year.

New York City Clerk, Lobbying Bureau

To perform a NYC Lobbyist Search, enter the following along with as many other fields as desired:
Search By: Lobbyist
Entity Name: Consolidated Edison

Corporate Review of Political Contributions and Lobbying Activities

This information is updated annually and reviewed annually with the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee.

Grassroots Lobbying

Con Edison did not engage directly or indirectly in grassroots lobbying in 2018. 

Industry Groups and Trade Associations

Con Edison is a member of a number of trade associations that may engage in political activities or make political contributions. Con Edison's main purpose of membership in trade associations is the business, technical and industry benefits these organizations provide. Trade organizations take a wide variety of positions on many political matters, not all of which Con Edison supports. Last year, Con Edison paid membership dues in excess of $25,000 to the following industry groups and trade associations which spent a portion of those dues on lobbying:

  • American Gas Association: $27,641.20 spent on lobbying.
  • Edison Electric Institute: $159,951.74 spent on lobbying.
  • NYS Business Council: $12,500 spent on lobbying.
  • Interstate Natural Gas Association of America: $10,506 spent on lobbying.
  • The Partnership for NYC: $1,500 spent on lobbying.
  • New Jersey Utilities Association: $7,465.05 spent on lobbying

501(c)(3) Organizations

Con Edison regularly supports a diverse group of federally tax exempt entities organized under the Internal Revenue Code. To the best of Con Edison's knowledge, none of the 501(c)(3) groups that Con Edison supports are engaged in authoring model legislation.

501(c)(4) Organizations 

To the best of Con Edison's knowledge, none of the 501(c)(4) groups that Con Edison supports are engaged in authoring model legislation. Con Edison supports the following federally tax exempt social welfare organizations in the amounts listed below for the purposes specified in 2018:

  • Public Affairs Council - $9,900 for corporate membership
  • United Community Civic Association - $1,000 for their annual holiday brunch
  • Broadway Association - $1,000 for their 2018 Annual Awards Luncheon
  • Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association, Inc. - $5,000 for corporate membership