Timothy P. Cawley

President and Chief Executive Officer

Timothy Cawley is President and CEO of Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc., an electric and gas utility headquartered in Pearl River, New York.  Orange and Rockland is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc., operating energy utility companies in New York and New Jersey.

Mr. Cawley is a member of the Board of Directors of Orange and Rockland Utilities and Rockland Electric Company.

Prior to being named President and CEO of O&R, Tim was Senior Vice President of Central Operations for Consolidated Edison Company of New York.  His responsibilities included the planning, design, operation and maintenance of the electric transmission system, the Company’s primary control center and electric substations, electric and steam generating plants, the steam system, and engineering and construction activities.

Tim joined Consolidated Edison of New York in 1987 and has served in various positions, including vice president of Substation Operations, vice president of Bronx and Westchester Electric Operations, general manager of Transmission Operations and director of Gas Operations at O&R.

Mr. Cawley serves on the boards of the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation, the Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress, the New Jersey Utilities Association, the New York Transco, the Orange County Partnership, and the Rockland Economic Development Corporation.  He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Con Edison Transmission, Inc.

Mr. Cawley holds an MBA from New York University and a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Union College.  He has completed PTI distribution engineering and transmission courses and the GTI gas distribution course.