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Fuel Mix and Generating Capacity

Operational Excellence

Fuel Mix and Generating Capacity

Con Edison is committed to advancing a clean energy future. We do not own coal fired power plants and 70% of Company-owned generation capacity was sourced from solar and wind in 2020.

Additionally, Con Edison supports New York’s ambitious goals to transition to a low-carbon, clean energy future, which include but are not limited to 100% carbon-free power by 2040 and 70% renewable electricity by 2030. The fuel mix delivered through our energy systems is not controlled by the Company and is allocated by the New York Independent System Operator.

CECONY & O&R Fuel Mix Allocated by NYISO for 2020

  • Natural Gason
  • Nuclearon
  • Hydroon
  • Otheron
  • Oilon
  • Windon
  • Coalon
  • Solaron

Con Edison-Owned Generating Capacity in 2020 Total: 10,245,998 MWh

  • Solaron
  • Natural Gas on
  • Windon
  • Petroleumon
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