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Employee Health & Safety

Safety & Environment

Employee Health & Safety

Con Edison’s 2019 injury and illness rate of 1.26 exceeded our goal of 1.00, but was still one of our three lowest Occupational Safety and Health Administration injury rates after the company achieved its historically lowest rate in 2017. We had 165 recordable employee injuries last year, and experienced five high-hazard injuries. The company remains focused on achieving a zero-accident workplace, and remains committed to making safety not only a top priority, but a core principle embedded in our culture. Con Edison has reduced injuries by more than 64% since 2009. Orange & Rockland achieved its third best injury and illness rate of 1.46 in 2019, had no significant high-hazard injuries, and has seen a 69% reduction in injuries and illnesses since 2009.

Key focus areas for sustained improvement include:

  • Promoting a first-class safety culture by supporting everyone using their voice to participate in safety every day, every task and every job
  • Focusing on high-hazard injury prevention by closing gaps prior to injuries through proactively identifying and addressing unseen hazards
  • Using and developing tools by leveraging data and thorough job briefings to drive us to a zero hard workplace

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Orange & Rockland continues its progress toward a zero-harm workplace thanks to the joint union-management Corporate   Safety Committee, Company Safety Team, and 12 organization-specific safety teams. O&R is seeking to achieve an injury and illness incidence rate in the first quartile comparable to our utility peers. To improve our motor vehicle and driver performance, we have begun using in-vehicle monitoring systems with real-time feedback in many of our vehicles. This helps our drivers remain focused on zero-harm. Our communications program incorporates lessons learned from these systems, root cause analysis results (from injury and collision reviews), close-call reporting, and other measures that have also contributed to our overall performance.

Orange and Rockland OSHA Rate

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Kids & Safety Con Edison’s newest safety campaign reminds employees that “someone’s waiting for you at home.”
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