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Electric Vehicles

Safety & Environment

Electric Vehicles

Recognizing that the transportation sector is a large source of carbon emissions, we are helping reduce the customer cost of operating electric vehicles and increasing public-charging options to support the growth of electric vehicles.

In 2019, the company accelerated our efforts to aid the growth of electric vehicle adoption by adding additional incentives and programs to our electric vehicle portfolio. Key additions include a DC fast charge incentive that helps station operators offset the demand charge costs and improve station economics. In our recent rate filing, we received approval for an expansion of the SmartCharge New York program, which rewards customers for charging their vehicles in the off-peak period, that represents a greater than 100% increase in funding. The company estimates the program delivered more than 1 megawatt in peak load reduction. We also developed a proposal to offset developer costs, which can be relatively high in an underground network environment. The programs are available for both publicly accessible fast charging and fleet fast charging infrastructure costs. We expect our electric vehicle infrastructure investments to continue to increase.

As of the end of 2019, Con Edison’s fleet contained 107 plug-in vehicles comprised of 24 battery electric vehicles, 62 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and 23 ePTO/eAPU bucket trucks/step vans. To accommodate these plug-in fleet vehicles, we’ve installed 119 networked electric vehicle charging stations across 12 company locations (108 level 2 and 11 DC fast chargers). The fleet also contains more than 128 conventional hybrids, 243 vehicles operating on compressed natural gas, and more than 1,700 vehicles running on biodiesel blends.

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