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Fuel Mix and Generating Capacity

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Fuel Mix and Generating Capacity

Con Edison is committed to advancing a clean energy future. We do not own coal fired power plants and 76% of Company-owned generation capacity was sourced from solar and wind in 2019.

Additionally, Con Edison supports New York’s ambitious goals to transition to a low-carbon, clean energy future, which include but are not limited to, 100% carbon-free power by 2040 and 70% renewable electricity by 2030. The fuel mix delivered through our energy systems is not controlled by the Company and is allocated by the New York Independent System Operator.

CECONY Fuel Mix Allocated by NYISO

  • Natural Gason
  • Nuclearon
  • Hydroon
  • Otheron
  • Oilon
  • Windon
  • Coalon
  • Solaron

Con Edison Owned Generating Capacity Total 3,463 MW

  • Solaron
  • Natural Gas on
  • Windon
  • Petroleumon
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