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Electric Vehicles

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Electric Vehicles

The company expanded SmartCharge New York in 2018, an electric vehicle (EV) off-peak charging incentive program. Con Edison provides EV owners who charge their vehicles in our service territory a free connected device that plugs into their vehicles’ onboard diagnostic ports. This device reads charging information – when, where, and how much energy is consumed.  Participants earned 10 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) for any off-peak charging in our service territory, in addition to other monthly smart-charging rewards. An EV owner who drives 10,000 miles annually can earn up to $500 per year plus an enrollment bonus of $150. In 2018 the program acquired 0.64 megawatts (MW) in peak load reduction. As of December 2018, almost 1,800 EVs were actively enrolled in the program. Last year, the program was expanded to include medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

At the end of last year, Con Edison’s fleet contained 100 plug-in vehicles comprised of 24 BEVs, 53 PHEVs, and 23 ePTO/eAPU bucket trucks/step vans. The fleet also contains more than 150 conventional hybrids, 275 vehicles operating on compressed natural gas (CNG), and nearly 1,700 vehicles running on biodiesel blends.

The EV Charging Infrastructure Project (2016-2018) is now complete at all workout locations included in the scope, with approximately 80% of the fleet supported. 

  • E 16th St., W 28th St., E 110th St., 3rd Ave., Victory Blvd., Astoria, College Point, TLC, Van Nest, Eastview, Rye (178 Theo Fremd)
  • Each site includes four level-2 chargers (208/240V) and one DC Fast Charger (480V) installed, as well as service for five additional level-2 chargers for future needs
  • Workout locations outside of Manhattan are also equipped with five level-1 chargers (110V outlets)

In addition, the level-2 chargers at 4 Irving Place and Astoria, were expanded and/or upgraded.  Con Edison has a total of 54 level-2 chargers and 11 DC Fast Chargers currently in service to support the expanding plug-in fleet.

Electric Vehicles Con Edison’s SmartCharge New York program provides customers with an electric vehicle off-peak charging incentives
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