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Habitat & Biodiversity

Safety & Environment

Habitat & Biodiversity

We continue to work closely with our stakeholders to promote biodiversity and protect environmentally sensitive areas throughout the company’s service territory.

As part of our project design phase, environmental issues are identified – such as impact to wetlands, threatened and endangered species, and the general community – and are properly addressed and mitigated. For certain projects, community meetings are held to discuss the project and solicit concerns.

We also maintain best management practices to protect city trees and waterways while minimizing our work footprint, and fully restore areas to preconstruction conditions. If a tree is removed because of infrastructure repairs and upgrades, for example, restitution fees are used to plant a replacement tree. We understand how vital trees are to New York City’s infrastructure, contributing to clean air and water, reducing energy costs, increasing property values, and beautifying streets and parks.

In keeping with this effort, one of the goals of our Overhead Transmission Vegetation Management program, which encompasses over 2,000 acres, is to encourage biological diversity by using an integrated vegetation management practice and communicate with neighbors to increase public awareness. 

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