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Safety & Environment

Safety & Environment

Safety remains the No. 1 priority, for our employees and the people we serve. In 2016 our injury rate, as measured by standards established by OHSA, was the lowest in company history. Across the Con Edison and O&R service area, we’re doing a better job of enabling our employees to go home each day the same way they came in.

In keeping with our commitment to environmental responsibility, we have reduced our carbon footprint by more than 45 percent from our 2005 baseline. Our major goal, however, has not changed—a zero-harm environment for the public, our customers, and our employees. Here are some of the things we’re doing in pursuit of that goal:

  • Since we know human beings are not perfect and will make mistakes, we’re emphasizing the use of human performance, or error-avoidance, tools throughout CECONY and O&R. These tools anticipate the kinds of mistakes that happen on the job in an effort to eliminate them or greatly reduce their impact
  • Safety teams comprising of union and management employees stress the importance of working as a team and looking out for one another. We discuss the best ways to keep employees and the public safe while maintaining a sustainable environment
  • We have renewed our commitment to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and remove hazardous waste in ways that are environmentally responsible

There’s more work to be done. But we’re making progress toward a zero-harm environment.