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Cost Management

II_F_Cost_ManagementAs part of our promise to provide our customers with safe, reliable service, we also recognize that every dollar that we invest has an impact on their bill each month. As a responsible corporate citizen and as a competitive business, we need to invest in our system wisely, choosing which challenges to pursue, and following the most cost-effective options to overcome those challenges. Choosing the best cost-management strategies demonstrates that as a company we’re getting the best return possible on the dollars we spend.

Our excellence in cost management is achieved through communication, a collaborative approach to planning and implementation, as well as the application of ongoing and forward-looking analysis. It requires us to work each day in a more efficient and productive manner, and make a personal commitment to be accountable for the impact we have. We are also focused on cost consciousness, or the basics for productivity and cost control. We will ensure that expectations are established, communicated, and enforced, and that contracts and material costs are effectively controlled. Con Edison achieves cost-management excellence through the improvements in work volume and cost efficiencies, optimized use of overtime, reduced contractor costs, service and maintenance cost reductions, procurement of the most cost-effective energy supplies, elimination of work, and reduction in tax liabilities and other assessments.

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