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Letter From The Chairman

1.A_Letter_from_chairmanTo Our Stakeholders:

The energy landscape is changing, and with it, the way we do business.

Our customers have higher expectations than ever before, and they want more choices for the energy that powers their lives. Many New Yorkers are lessening their impact on the environment by participating in our energy efficiency programs, converting their buildings from oil to natural gas, and choosing steam for heating and cooling.

There has been more interest in solar installations, microgrids, and renewable technologies that will help grow our business. At the same time, for the millions of customers who rely on our traditional pipes and wires, we must maintain the safe and excellent service and reliability we’re known for. And we must do all of this while protecting the environment and managing risks that could challenge us in the future.

As the sixth largest solar provider in the nation, Con Edison is helping to meet growing demand for cleaner energy. Wind power in Ohio, Nebraska, and South Dakota, and solar farms in California, Nevada, and Texas have broadened our reach. We’re doing our part to help us all breathe easier, reducing our own carbon footprint by approximately 45 percent in the last decade.

Closer to home, the safety of the public and our people is at the forefront of all that we do, and our focus is paying off. Both Con Edison of New York and Orange and Rockland surpassed their five-year safety goals in 2014.

We increased our commitment to educate New Yorkers about gas safety with a multilingual “Smell Gas. Act Fast.” campaign, and launched a new online map to pinpoint gas leaks. Inspections of our gas system have increased, and we’re upgrading our infrastructure by replacing miles of gas mains.

We are more than halfway through our four-year, $1 billion plan to fortify our energy infrastructure against the threat of extreme weather. We are vigilant about strengthening our physical and cyber security defenses and regularly practice cyberattack drills so we are ready to respond to any threats against our systems.

Our 15,000 dedicated women and men participated in more than 600,000 hours of training in 2014 to build a stronger workforce.

Con Edison is proud to support nonprofit organizations across our region working to build strong communities, preserve the environment, and clean up parks and waterways.

This report represents our efforts to learn and adapt to the challenges ahead so we can lead the way forward. We will continue our commitment to provide safe and reliable service, protect the environment, and brighten our communities, for the benefit of those we serve and our company.

-John McAvoy, Chairman and CEO, Consolidated Edison, Inc.

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