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Improvements to Come in 2013

Enhancing Systems

Continuous maintenance and efforts to advance health and safety systems already in place at Con Edison were not new to the company in 2012. Industrial hygiene sampling and the collection and analysis of health and safety data across the company have been in place at Con Edison for quite some time. In 2012 they were both targeted for upgrades as discussed below.

Proactive Industrial Hygiene Sampling System

Current OSHA requirements mandate lengthy retention of exposure assessment documentation, which must in turn satisfy regulatory scrutiny and provide defensible information for worker compensation proceedings. Further, assessment results constitute a basis element in exposure control design. Con Edison’s existing process and supporting software systems require an extensive review effort to ensure compliance and employee safety. Targeting this process for improvements will increase our efficiency and effectiveness.

In 2013, the company will enhance efforts in industrial-hygiene sampling to include establishing an exposure-assessment review process that enables prioritization of tasks and activities for revisit over the long-term. We plan to implement a consistent approach to systematic industrial-hygiene exposure assessments that will support our efforts to evaluate potential exposures, drive air-monitoring strategies, and confirm and document the effectiveness of control measures for protecting worker health and eliminating work-related illness.

Safety & Health Information Management System

The Safety & Health Information Management System (SHIMS) is Con Edison’s repository for all safety and health information. As user requirements become more demanding, the company is preparing to proactively overhaul the system. In 2012, Con Edison committed to a revision of the system that will incorporate both a more streamlined process for entering data, as well as more useful analytical tools and reporting capabilities.

In coming years, the company will be evaluating the need to enhance other environmental, health, and safety systems in a similar fashion.