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Commitment to Safety

Job Safety Analysis

A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) identifies potential hazards, associated with each step of a particular job or task, steps to eliminate or reduce them, and specifies controls needed to perform the job or task safely. They are designed to be utilized during the planning phase of projects and can also be used for job briefings as a means of evaluating each step of the task at hand. Supervisors can use the findings of a JSA to eliminate and prevent hazards in their workplaces.

The JSA program grew significantly in 2012 with the expansion of a company-wide electronic library where JSAs are compiled, making them easily accessible to all employees and providing models for future JSA development. The efforts of the JSA program are yielding results as well, with a 33 percent reduction in injuries where inadequate job planning was a root cause. In 2013 we will continue to drive the completion of additional JSAs, prioritizing development based on the complexity of the task reviewed.

JSA Binders Introduced in Electric Operations

A job safety analysis helps to identify and evaluate potential hazards during job planning so employees can avoid them and perform their jobs safely.