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Commitment to Safety

Human Performance Improvement

Our Human Performance Improvement Program aims to reduce incidents caused by avoidable human error.

Through injury trending and analysis, it is apparent that the majority of Con Edison’s safety incidents are due to what are referred to as human performance factors, or human error. Human performance evaluates how certain behaviors or actions can result in errors, and how those behaviors and actions can be modified, or barriers added, to prevent errors. We recognize that errors can be avoided by understanding why they occur through the lessons learned from past events. In order to manage human performance, our teams use training, open communication and a questioning attitude, adhering to procedures, site- and self-check, and job briefings.

Human Performance Initiatives in Steam Operations

In 2012, one of our major operating organizations made significant strides in developing a Human Performance Improvement Program, integrating these tools into their existing strategy and communicating to their employees the importance and effectiveness of each. We look to foster an environment where each employee understands, uses, and promotes these tools in order to avoid hurting themselves, fellow employees, or members of the public. In 2013, the Human Performance Improvement Program will be taken company-wide with the establishment of a cross-functional steering team.