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Commitment to Safety

Hearing Conservation

Federal regulations require that private sector employers develop a hearing conservation program and provide worker protection against the effects of noise exposure when sound levels exceed a certain level over an eight-hour period. Con Edison provides its employees guidance on identifying noise hazards, performing noise monitoring, controlling noise, selecting hearing protection, and employee training and record-keeping.

During 2012, Con Edison used exposure data gathered in the prior two years to re-assess our employee population for inclusion in the Hearing Conservation Program. This involved reviewing the exposures of all employees by section and title, developing a roster of over-exposed employees, and categorizing employee noise exposure. Understanding which employees are at-risk for hearing loss permits us to focus time and resources on protecting and monitoring our most susceptible employees.

In 2013, we will build on these efforts to continue to improve identification of our employees that should be included in the Hearing Conservation Program, and to improve employee safety by developing communications to inform employees of the major sources of noise in our various workplaces.

The company is improving efforts to prevent noise hazards and hearing loss.