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Commitment to Safety

The Rules We Live By

Con Edison maintains the Rules We Live By requirements drawn from various operational procedures and specifically designed to prevent significant injuries. Operating groups have identified key procedures required to control energy sources or mitigate their impact on personnel or the public. Violations of the Rules We Live By are not tolerated; both company union and management employees, as well as contractors, face significant penalties for infractions.

During 2012, there were 16 violations of the Rules We Live By. Seven incidents involved company employees, and nine involved contractor employees. We continue to review the rules themselves and each violation with company employees. The importance of adhering to these critical safety requirements is emphasized at gatherings that include contractor principals, senior managers, and field personnel. Adherence to these rules will further guard against instances of severe injury or fatality, or significant risk to employees or the public.

2012 was the first full year that Orange and Rockland also had Rules We Live By. Orange and Rockland’s rules are slightly different—tailored to focus on the potential for high hazard injuries—but similarly reinforce company-wide expectations and encouragement of employees and contractors to maintain ground rules. In 2012, there were three violations of the Rules We Live By, all of which involved contractor employees.

Operating groups have provided employees with wallet cards showing Rules We Live By as a quick reference resource.