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Commitment to Safety

Situational Awareness

For a third year, Con Edison committed to achieving an injury-free workplace through a focus on the concepts of situational awareness and a questioning attitude. We encourage employees to remain alert to their surroundings at all times and to draw on their experience, training, and skills to evaluate every task. They are encouraged to speak openly, ask questions, and remain flexible to changing working conditions. Once again, we saw positive results with a 45 percent reduction in injuries with situational awareness as a root cause from 2011 to 2012.

Situational Awareness Helps Avoid Feeder Damage

The (THINK)(ASK)(PLAN) communications was campaign launched in 2010 to enhance the understanding of how situational awareness and a questioning attitude relate to the work that we do. The campaign incorporates a number of different avenues for communication, including posters, informational cards, and videos. In 2012, the company enhanced its corporate (THINK)(ASK)(PLAN) campaign to include the bi-monthly release of a themed communications package which is selected depending on the trending of injuries or feedback from the field. This was done to encourage organizations to develop (THINK)(ASK)(PLAN) communications on a more local level, addressing specific concerns in a more detailed manner. The colorful and engaging posters and videos in this package feature Con Edison employees talking about their experiences and offering safety tips. The campaign reinforces the importance of employees thinking jobs through before beginning, asking for clarification if unsure, and planning ahead while anticipating potential problems

Our (THINK)(ASK)(PLAN) campaign reminded employees of the importance of being alert and aware to stay safe on the job.