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Commitment to Safety

Job Planning

Job Site Safety Exchanges foster open communication, discussions about safety practices, and help prevent injuries.

Safety is critical in every step of the job, especially during planning. Con Edison incorporates safety considerations in the planning process procedurally through the environment, health, and safety review of every project the company undertakes, ensuring the review of safety issues in the early planning and design phase. An evaluation of the task hazards and safety precautions is reviewed with employees during the job briefing prior to every job and whenever the job changes. We also coach on adherence to planning and observance of safety best practices during Job Site Safety Exchanges.

Coaching Best Practices in Manhattan Electric Operations

These exchanges are intended to open up a dialogue between employees where opinions can be expressed, working practices discussed, and information shared. If a problem is discovered, it can be immediately addressed and corrected in a safe learning environment. The evaluations are most often performed by first-line supervisors, as well as by all levels of management, and members of the union safety committees, but they are not conducted to find faults or lay blame. In 2012, we documented over 29,000 Job Site Safety Exchanges.

At Con Edison, we believe that on-the-job safety discussions can help identify broad-based trends, revealing which safety initiatives are working well, and where there are opportunities for improvement. In 2012, we placed a significant effort on this concept, performing monthly analysis of the safety exchanges to provide data to organizations which could drive safety programming and communications.

Safety and planning are the keys to every job we do. A safety message on an elevator screen reminded employees to avoid accidents by rushing through a task.