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Con Edison has been recognized for its environmental and broader sustainability initiatives and performance for many years. A brief review of some notable recognition by regulatory bodies and investor groups in 2012 is provided below.

SF6 Reduction Technology Innovation

Con Edison has taken its knowledge of ultrasonic detection, and applied it towards developing a wholly new and unique method for identifying very small leaks in SF6 gas-filled equipment, such as circuit breakers, ground switches and mini-bus equipment. The company’s innovative use of ultrasonic probes to detect small SF6 leaks has enabled us to identify and repair leaks that were previously invisible. This technology has contributed to the company reducing SF6 emissions by 57 percent since 2009.

Due to the small size of gas streams lost from equipment, and weather conditions, the use of camera and spray technologies were unsuccessful at locating leaks smaller then those from a substantial flange or shaft seal. By using ultrasonic detection accompanied with a liquid leak amplifier, the company has been able to locate and make repairs to over two dozen leaks that collectively added up to a significant improvement toward reducing SF6 emissions.

Some of the other advantages to using ultrasonic detection over the standard methods are its capabilities of scanning in-service equipment at a distance, and using sound amplification and recording. This enables the company to trend data and schedule repairs more efficiently. The technology can also be used to listen for leaks on the internal components of dual pressure systems. For example, using sound allows leaks to be detected in isolation valves and compressor seals that would otherwise be invisible from outside observations.

Con Edison’s method of leak identification has earned the company accolades from the EPA via the 2012 "Best Technological Advancement" Partnership Recognition Award.

Carbon Disclosure Project

Con Edison earned recognition from the international Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for the sixth year because of the company’s carbon emission reduction and carbon disclosure efforts. In the 2012 rankings, Con Edison was again recognized in the S&P 500 Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index for its successful reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The CDP, representing over 700 institutional investors who manage $87 trillion in assets, has again commended the company for the way it discloses climate change information. A key component of CDP’s annual S&P 500 report, the index highlights companies that demonstrate the most professional corporate governance approach regarding revelation of climate change information. Companies are scored on their climate change disclosure practices.

Newsweek Green Rankings

Con Edison was listed as the second greenest utility company in the United States, according to Newsweek magazine’s 2012 Green Rankings. The rankings were based on the magazine’s ratings of a company’s environmental footprint, environmental management, and disclosure. Newsweek developed a “Green Score” for each of the 500 largest publicly traded companies in the United States, and Con Edison scored second-highest highest among the 27 utilities rated. The magazine calls its list the most comprehensive ranking of corporate environmental performance.