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Managing the Environmental Agenda

Con Edison’s utility and energy businesses seek to minimize our impact, and enhance the environment in which we work. We accomplish this through setting aggressive internal Key Performance Indicators for environmental performance, and through sustainably modeling green behavior.

Key Performance Indicators serve as benchmarks to track the impacts our operations may have on the environment. We use these indicators to track the aspects of our environmental impacts that are often regulated by federal, state, or local environmental agencies. These include spills, air emissions, and other releases to the environment. All employees in the company have a vested interest in meeting or out-performing our environmental indicators, because employee compensation is tied directly to whether or not Con Edison succeeds in minimizing our impact to the environment.

Modeling green behavior is manifested through the many programs that go beyond the regulatory requirements of our work. These actions and initiatives are mostly driven by teams of self-motivated employees who find new and exciting opportunities to improve an aspect of their work, and drive solutions to improve or enhance our environment. Some of these actions might be small, such as enhancing a bottle and can recycling system in an employee locker room, and others large, such as removing leaded cable from our electric distribution services.