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Improvements to come in 2013

Managing Project EH&S Risks

Environmental, health, and safety concerns must be incorporated at the early stages of project planning and design in order to minimize potential risks. Con Edison has implemented policies and procedures to build environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) considerations into the planning and design of projects and routine work in order to adhere to regulatory requirements and to achieve environmental, health, and safety excellence. Additionally, these policies and procedures encourage consideration of alternate designs, when possible, to promote resource conservation, use best available technology, reduce risk, and improve project management.

Con Edison implements many projects each year. Environmental, health and safety conditions frequently change through the course of a project. Missing the opportunity to identify these risks up front poses a risk to the company, as well as, the public. As one means of mitigating this risk, the company has established an environmental, health, and safety checklist. This critical tool is used for evaluating the environmental, health, and safety concerns and opportunities to improve project design and construction. In 2013, the company will be looking to evaluate the effectiveness of this checklist and associated procedure. This evaluation will include how the checklist is used in project inception, as well as how the environmental, health, and safety concerns are reevaluated over the course of a project’s life. Improvements to this process will be identified and implemented to more effectively use the tool.