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Sustainable Policies and Standards

It is critical that Con Edison conducts its business ethically, safely, and in an environmentally excellent manner. Our policies and procedures are the road map for achieving those standards.

At the corporate level, policies and procedures include Corporate Policy Manuals, Corporate Instructions, Corporate Environmental, Health and Safety Procedures (CEHSPs), General Environmental, Health and Safety Instructions (GEHSIs), Environmental Specifications, General Accounting Procedures (GAPs), and the Standards of Business Conduct (SBC). Additionally, each organization has policies, procedures, and specifications specific to the work they do. These documents are kept on various websites (some internal, some external) as well as in hard copy at certain locations for easy access to all employees.

Con Edison’s environment, health and safety policy affirms the company’s commitment to continually improving safety and environmental performance, strengthening EH&S compliance, enhancing relationships with stakeholders, identifying and reducing significant EH&S risk potential and promoting wise and effective use of natural resources.

In order to fulfill this commitment we:

  • Continue to improve our approach and performance in protecting people, property and the environment
  • Comply will all applicable laws and regulations, and go beyond the minimum required, where practicable, to achieve their spirit and intent
  • Use the company’s EH&S management system to enhance our efforts
  • Integrate EH&S considerations into work and project planning
  • Provide the leadership and skills to empower our employees to take the initiatives necessary to achieve our EH&S mission
  • Hold employees accountable for EH&S performance
  • Model sustainable behavior internally, promote sustainable behavior externally and maintain a commitment to prevention of pollution
  • Pursue opportunities, programs and policies that support sustainable business practices
  • Continue to strive for EH&S excellence and be responsive to the concerns of our stakeholders
  • Set metrics and targets, to drive continual improvement and review them on an annual basis to measure and assess our performance