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Infrastructure Enhancement

Con Edison upgrades its facilities and infrastructure to prepare for future challenges.

Con Edison works to improve every aspect of its physical plant, energy-delivery systems, management practices, and operating methods to better serve its customers and other stakeholders. The company’s goal is not simply to upgrade its equipment and technical support mechanisms, but to adopt a holistic approach aimed at operating the business more sustainably, minimizing the environmental impact of operations, and delivering energy reliably and safely to the homes and businesses in the communities it serves.

Although termed infrastructure enhancements, many of the advances introduced by Con Edison during 2012 go far beyond hardware upgrades, though these are part of the picture too. The company’s notion of infrastructure extends to preparing for future challenges to energy-delivery, and also to providing useful, timely information that can help employees manage their planning and day-to-day operations. A brief review of some of these initiatives shows how Con Edison is pro-actively working to drive ongoing improvements in efficiency, reliability, risk mitigation, and enterprise management.