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Infrastructure Enhancement

Enhancing Business Intelligence

Project One is an initiative by Con Edison to implement a web-based financial and supply chain Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to improve financial planning systems in its utility businesses (Con Edison of New York and Orange and Rockland). Project One was the largest technology investment in the company’s history at the time of its implementation throughout Con Edison’s utility businesses. Project One, supported by one integrated systems solution, replaced approximately 60 existing systems by the end of 2012. The purpose of realizing corporate strategic drivers is to reduce cost to customers, enhance external stakeholder relationships, strengthen support activities, and to reduce and manage risk.

This integration is designed to facilitate consistent, uniform cost-management practices, and reduce risk stemming from disparate management systems. At the same time, with all utility company functions employing a single platform for financial and supply-chain operations, support service will be improved. All employees can work using compatible, standardized business processes throughout the enterprise.

As a result, transparency of business information will be substantially enhanced, and analytical processes will be helped by ready availability of business intelligence that provides users with an accurate up-to-date picture of enterprise transactions and other operations. In addition, the system is designed to accommodate future accounting standards and make the amendments consistent and accurate for users in all operating groups at Con Edison’s regulated utility companies.