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Sustainability Strategy

Con Edison of New York delivers energy services in one of the nation’s most densely populated urban settings.

Con Edison’s sustainability strategy is designed to fulfill our goal of providing our customers and the public with efficient, clean, and sustainable energy, and model green behavior internally. To do this, we have defined six principles which state that Con Edison will:

  • Model green behavior internally
  • Promote green behavior to external stakeholders
  • Innovate to meet customer preferences for a green lifestyle
  • Partner with governments to shape policies and standards consistent with its sustainability vision
  • Develop infrastructure to advance the use and delivery of value-creating clean energy alternatives
  • Incorporate environmental and societal values in its decision-making

Con Edison fosters sustainable business practices by effectively managing corporate programs from an environmental, community, and economic standpoint. In support of our vision, we partner with stakeholders—including customers, community members, public officials, and employees—to support the development and use of programs and projects including, but not limited to, energy-efficient buildings, clean fuels, and renewable energy.

Our work on these types of projects and programs, both internally and externally, is captured as part of a 35-initiative plan. These initiatives are tracked through annual updates. The updates on these initiatives are interwoven throughout this report and are a key to our sustainability at Con Edison. These initiatives are flexible, and a full strategy review will take place in 2013 to remove those that are completed or no longer underway, modify those where conditions require, and identify opportunities to incorporate new initiatives.

Certain metrics have been set for the initiatives in the sustainability strategy. Some of those metrics have been chosen as highlights and can be found throughout this report. This data is also provided on the newly-developed Data Snapshot page where readers will find a compilation of the key facts, figures and graphs found throughout the report.

We partner with our customers and other stakeholders to encourage energy efficiency, and the use of cleaner fuels and renewable energy.