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Sustainability Strategy

An Integrated Approach to Strengthening Safety Culture

We recognize that the safety of both our employees and the public is paramount to our sustainability program, and Con Edison remains committed to continually improving safety performance. As a measure of progress in achieving this objective, Con Edison of New York has established the vision of an injury-free workplace. A major milestone goal in pursuing that vision is achievement of first-quartile performance among similar utilities by 2014, as measured by the OSHA Incidence Rate. In support of this goal, Con Edison invests in the professional development of its workforce, reinforces safety ownership at all organizational levels through rigorous project design, operating procedures, and analyzes of incident trends to identify improvement opportunities. Important safety concepts are communicated and reinforced through monthly safety meetings, as well via the (THINK)(ASK)(PLAN) communications campaign.

Con Edison’s focus on public safety arises from appreciation of the significant impacts its high energy systems can have during operations, maintenance, and construction. Public safety is considered in the earliest stages of design for new electric, gas, and steam systems. As the company modernizes and upgrades existing equipment, and performs routine maintenance activities, detailed procedures and specifications serve as strict guides to achieve quality results in a safe manner. Careful testing and inspection of equipment is performed after work completion to minimize the potential for failures during operation. Further, extensive work area protection requirements are implemented during all phases of work in an effort to keep employees and the public at appropriate distances from potential hazards. These requirements are of critical importance in Con Edison’s service territory.

The company also makes use of mass media approaches to communicate useful safety information among customers of its regulated utility companies. Bill inserts and e-mail messaging are distributed in advance of major weather events and to promote customer awareness of various seasonal concerns. In addition, Con Edison of New York and Orange and Rockland websites provide safety information about residential electric and gas use, as well as safety messages about carbon monoxide and operation of generators.

Working toward an injury-free workplace and providing reliable, safe delivery of energy services are principal components of Con Edison’s approach to sustainable business.

Our (THINK)(ASK)(PLAN) communications campaign reinforces safety messages to further our goal of achieving an injury-free workplace.