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EH&S Policy

We strive for environmental, health and safety excellence in all that we do.

Con Edison strives for excellence in its environmental, health and safety (EH&S) performance, and incorporates these aspects into the business and operational decision-making process. All employees are held accountable for knowing the corporate environmental, health and safety requirements that apply to their assigned tasks, and for using the information in planning and completing their work.

In support of this policy, Con Edison has developed the following five key EH&S objectives:

  • Improve safety performance by strengthening our management system to foster a positive and sustainable safety culture
  • Strengthen EH&S compliance by advancing programs and processes to enhance awareness, raise accountability, and share best practices
  • Enhance relationships with stakeholders by building trust through proactive communication and collaboration
  • Identify and reduce significant EH&S risk potential by incorporating risk-management into business-decision-making to prevent emerging issues and other EH&S challenges from becoming problems
  • Promote the wise and effective use of natural resources by integrating the company’s sustainability strategy into our business plans and operations to identify best practices and designs, resulting in predictable and continuing improvements