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EH&S Policy


Con Edison maintains a rigorous auditing program, integrated with environment, health, and safety, to confirm regulatory compliance, that proper procedural requirements are correctly implemented, and also to gather information that can help drive continuing improvement. Both facility operations and company-wide programs (e.g. pollution prevention, right-to-know reporting) undergo periodic systematic audits to determine their compliance with applicable regulations and company procedures, as well as the adequacy of EH&S management systems in use.

EH&S audits are conducted by an EH&S group in Con Edison’s Corporate Auditing Department. Under the CEI audit policy, this group audits all facilities and programs. On occasion, subject matter experts from other areas of the company have been used to augment EH&S audit teams. The EH&S Auditing group has developed standard protocols tailored to each area of concern that may be encountered at facilities operated by the company to ensure comprehensive and consistent audits. EH&S audits may cover the following areas as applicable:

Environmental Factors Health & Safety Factors
Compliance Compliance
Management systems Management systems
PCBs Loss prevention
Asbestos, lead, and mercury Personnel safety
Spill prevention Transportation safety
Air pollution control Material/equipment safety
Water pollution control Industrial health and hygiene
Solid/hazardous waste management Fire safety/emergency evacuation
Storage tanks Employee health and medical issues
Leaks and releases  
Site remediation  
Land use/fish and wildlife  
Chemical use approval  
Resource use (recycling/pollution prevention)  

The Audit Committee of the Board meets with the company’s management, including the General Auditor and the company’s independent accountants, several times a year to discuss internal controls and accounting matters, the company’s financial statements and the scope and results of the auditing programs of the independent accountants and of Con Edison of New York’s internal auditing department. Con Edison also engages in a number of third party audits, a selection of which include its financial reporting, greenhouse gas inventorying, and ISO 14001 certification.