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EH&S Policy

Accountability & Governance for EH&S

We strive for environmental, health, and safety excellence in all that we do.

The Environment, Health, and Safety Committee of the Board of Directors governs Con Edison, Inc.'s overall EH&S programs. Since its inception in 1995, this committee meets four times per year to review the company’s EH&S efforts. Typically, Con Edison’s chairman, utility presidents, general counsel, and the EH&S vice president participate in these meetings.

The vice president of EH&S, reporting directly to Con Edison of New York’s president, chairs a leadership team which oversees and implements the company’s sustainability plan. The team consists of EH&S managers from operating departments, and representatives from a number of business departments. This team is focused on the development of strategic goals that drive the company toward EH&S excellence. The vice president of EH&S, on behalf of the company’s chairman, also facilitates a monthly EH&S Committee meeting with Con Edison’s senior officers where perspectives and strategy on various topics within environment, health and safety performance, concerns and new initiatives are shared.

As a part of senior management’s commitment to EH&S excellence, the following strategic independent oversight functions have been established:

Office of the Corporate Ombudsman – provides employees with an independent office to which they can confidentially refer suspected violations of Con Edison’s Code of Conduct, including EH&S requirements, or ethical and legal concerns. The ombudsman and the deputy ombudsman have the authority to either investigate these matters or refer them to appropriate authorities within the company.

Environment and Safety Review Board – Two outside consultants regularly review and report on the company’s efforts to achieve EH&S excellence.