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Con Edison provides safe, reliable electric, gas, and steam service to one of the most vibrant regions in the world.

Con Edison is committed to the safe and reliable delivery of energy services. Our systems and services are an important platform for the creation of jobs and development of commerce in the region and beyond. The sustained growth of this economy depends heavily on uninterrupted energy service. The company’s infrastructure enables customers to build, develop, and manage their businesses. Keeping Broadway lit, powering Wall Street, serving millions of New York residents, and ensuring that one of the world's great metropolitan areas receives the electric, gas, and steam service it needs to stay active around the clock is what Con Edison has been doing for over a century. That undertaking calls for managing many large facilities and one of the most complex transmission and distribution networks in the world. As a result of the company’s commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers, our overhead system alone is twice as reliable as all other utilities in New York State, and 2.5 times more reliable than utilities nationwide. Factoring in our underground network, the company’s system is 8.5 times more reliable than the rest of the nation’s utilities. That performance has not gone unrecognized. Con Edison was named winner of the 2012 ReliabilityOne™ Award for the Northeast Region for Outstanding Reliability Performance by PA Consulting Group for the company’s electricity delivery in 2011.

Maintaining impressive reliability for the company’s customers and the public is no easy feat, especially when weather conditions negatively impact our infrastructure. Con Edison prepares for and responds to extreme heat and weather conditions by engaging in multi-organization and stakeholder drills, and by implementing an Incident Command System (ICS) and Corporate Emergency Response Center (CERC) when an emergency is anticipated or occurs without warning. The ICS establishes guidelines for determining the appropriate level of response and mobilizing the appropriate company and external resources in a timely manner in response to any incident. The CERC is the nerve center responsible for communicating and carrying out the directives of the ICS, and adapting response to changing conditions faced by our employees, customers and the public.