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Our Workforce

Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity

Volunteer 2012

Con Edison employees make their homes in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, representing one of the most diverse work communities in the country. The company is one of the largest employers in the region. At year-end 2012, Con Edison employed 14,526 people at its regulated utility companies and competitive energy businesses, of which 44.5 percent are minorities, and 19.2 percent are women. To attract and retain talented employees who reflect the social, cultural, and racial diversity of the communities we serve, Con Edison continues to use an integrated approach to recruitment that targets the Internet, job fairs, and strategic partnerships with search firms and other organizations. Of the 599 employees we hired in 2012, 55.1 percent were minorities and 38.9 percent were women. For a comprehensive look at Con Edison’s employee development and diversity programs, Con Edison’s 2012 Diversity Annual Report available on our website.

Supplier Diversity

Con Edison’s award-winning Supplier Diversity Program invites entrepreneurs and executives to partner with us in mutually beneficial business relationships. The program serves as a model for other corporations around the country. As we continue to serve the energy needs of the world’s most dynamic marketplace, we look forward to expanding our commercial relationships with New York’s vibrant community of women and minority entrepreneurs and business owners.

To support this effort, the Purchasing department conducts seminars at both Con Edison of New York and Orange and Rockland for contractors and minority- and women-owned businesses to describe upcoming business opportunities, to thank contractors who have supported subcontracting efforts, and to encourage contractors to use program vendors in their business ventures. As part of the program, we also help fledgling firms to define themselves in the marketplace and to expand their services.

The Supplier Diversity program met its goal for 2012. Goods and services purchased from minority- and women-owned business enterprises totaled more than $315 million. Including fuel and gas, expenditures with minority- and women- owned businesses totaled more than $323 million.

Supplier Diversity Program Expenditures

  2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
Goods/Services 315.7 277.9 285.8 264.0 296.1
Fuel 7.8 16.3 21.3 14.8 9.0
Total $ in millions 323.5 294.2 307.1 278.8 305.1
Con Edison’s 2012 Diversity Report puts a spotlight on the diverse backgrounds of our workforce.