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Our Workforce

Celebrating the Success of the Employee

We celebrate the employees who are doing great things for the company and for the world around us.

Con Edison appreciates employee efforts that support the company’s success, and it provides frequent recognition for individuals and teams whose work benefits Con Edison, the communities we serve, and the causes that help improve the world for us all.

EH&S Excellence Awards

Each year, Con Edison presents EH&S Excellence Awards at an annual breakfast celebration. These awards are the highest honor the company bestows for notable achievements that strengthen the company’s environmental mission, and its effort to attain an injury-free workplace. In 2012, 135 employees were presented with awards either for individual accomplishments, or for work done as members of a team. Award categories correspond to the five Key EH&S Objectives: improve safety performance; strengthen environment, health and safety compliance; enhance relationships with stakeholders; identify and reduce EH&S risk potential; and promote the wise and effective use of natural resources. Employees who have earned three or more EH&S Excellence Awards are appointed to the Circle of Excellence. For 2012, there were four Circle of Excellence honorees [noted by *].

2012 EH&S Excellence Award honorees
  • Peter Acocella
  • Robert Albertelli
  • Anastasio Anagnostopoulos
  • John Balabanick
  • Ronald Belpanno
  • *Vincent Boatright
  • Aaron Brown
  • Caroline Browne
  • *Brian Brush
  • Johnathan Burk
  • David Caldwell
  • Matthew Calo
  • Joseph Campanile
  • Nicholas Caputo
  • Joseph Carpenter
  • Joseph Carrazana
  • Todd Cerniglia
  • Angel Chang
  • Katherine Chin
  • Robert Ciullo
  • Arcangelo Coca
  • Michael Cotten
  • Robert Decaro
  • Robert Deobler
  • Steven Deonarain
  • Anthony DeRosa
  • Ian Diamond
  • Alan Diaz
  • Robert Dijanic
  • Thomas Donohue
  • Robert Duffy
  • David Duke
  • Kevin Farrell
  • Charles Feldman
  • Eric Fell
  • Josephine Ferguson
  • Celestino Fernandez
  • Daniel Finn
  • Thomas Foley
  • Sara Gherman
  • James Glaviano
  • Gavin Graham
  • Kevin Greene
  • Elton Hanson
  • Alexander Hoffman
  • Martin Holmes
  • Ronald Horenburg
  • Mohammad Hossain
  • Henry Hutchinson
  • Christopher Janusz
  • Randolph Johnson
  • Adelson Jules
  • George Karp
  • Christopher Katzmann
  • Joseph Kay
  • Brian King
  • Vincent Kisarewski
  • Timothy Langan
  • Thomas Lasker
  • Gene Lattanzi
  • Kyle Lee
  • Sang Lee
  • Vivian Lee
  • Joseph Lepore
  • Anthony Locascio
  • Susan LoFrumento
  • Joseph Lopez
  • Walter Lyon
  • Anthony Maciorski
  • Donald Maffei
  • Costas Magoulas
  • Joseph Mandara
  • Edward Manning
  • Paul Mapelli
  • Kevin Marin
  • Craig Massaro
  • Michael Mattson
  • James McBride
  • James McCabe
  • Michael McCroary
  • William Mehnert
  • Jerome Miller
  • James Moses
  • Michael Muggeo
  • Rodney Mullings
  • Lawrence Nardo
  • Hugh Nisbett
  • Wilfred Nunez
  • Michael Nuzzi
  • Joseph O’Hagan
  • Neil O’Halloran
  • *Robert O’Kane
  • David Perez
  • Christopher Peterson
  • Seymour Pham
  • Arthur Pichardo
  • Nicholas Planson
  • Michael Pokler
  • Joseph Princiotta
  • Kerlean Prout
  • Emil Pugliese
  • Mike Rajapakse
  • Robert Richards
  • Richard Rishkel
  • Mark Rotondi
  • Michael Ruiz
  • Jeffrey Rutowski
  • Robert Salony
  • Kenneth Sanders
  • Mariano Savarese
  • Jorge Sese
  • Dipa Sharif
  • Ori Shmul
  • James Siesfeld
  • Daniel Simon
  • Paula Sklavenitis
  • Eddie Sleem
  • Hector Soto
  • Tracy Strang
  • Peter Sudol
  • Ross Joseph Susco
  • Jeffrey Taxin
  • Orlando Torijano
  • Sharnay Torrance
  • Richard Trapani
  • Michael Trepiccione
  • Brian Troy
  • Jim VanderPas
  • Ramundo Velez
  • Michael Vigna
  • Rommel Villanueva
  • *Robert Vuono
  • Kevin Walline
  • Nikolai Wolfe
  • Roger Young

Team Awards

Twice a year, Con Edison of New York recognizes outstanding contributions made by teams of employees by presenting TEAM awards. Award categories include: reducing overall costs; growing the business; satisfying customer needs; sustaining energy reliability; developing environmental excellence; helping ensure a safe workplace; developing employee skills; achieving technical excellence; and supporting a competitive market. During 2012, nearly 400 employees working in teams were honored at breakfasts held at the New York Botanical Garden.

Living Our Values

Con Edison confers its distinguished Living Our Values Award on six employees every year. The LOV award is Con Edison’s highest honor. Established in 1991, the award recognizes employees who exemplify Con Edison’s Corporate Values and the principles of The Way We Work. LOV award winners clearly demonstrate outstanding character and superior accomplishment, and are recognized as men and women who not only live the corporate values at work, but in their personal lives as well.

All employees of Con Edison are eligible for the Living Our Values award. Any employee may nominate another employee who exemplifies Con Edison’s corporate values and The Way We Work principles.

A review committee is established to examine each nomination and to interview the candidates’ managers and peers. After the examination is complete, the review committee provides recommendations to senior management for final approval. This rigorous review process ensures that only the most deserving men and women are presented with the company’s most prestigious honor. When the review process is complete, the six LOV award winners are announced. Presentation of the awards is made at a formal recognition ceremony.

Living Our Values Award winners:

Adrienne Austin, Section Manager in Customer Operations
Antonio Caso III, Electrical Technician in Bronx/Westchester Electric Construction
Thomas F. Cuccia, Senior Technician in Westchester Construction
Hosea A. Greenidge, Senior Specialist in Central Field Services
Doug Morris, Manager in Central Field Services
Catherine Tarrats, Customer Service Representative in Customer Operations

Safety Awards

2012 Safety Leadership Award winners

In 2007, a specially appointed union/management committee was convened to assess gains made in working safely, and to recommend new methods for improving performance. Committee members concentrated on identifying the traits that define safety leadership. The committee subsequently worked to help all employees internalize the commitment to safety by outlining the “The ABCs of Safety Leadership.” In this case, the reference was to Actions, Behaviors, and Communications practices that distinguish employees recognized as safety leaders. Individuals who embody these leadership principles are nominated by their union and management peers for Safety Leadership Awards which are conferred at our Annual Safety Conference. In 2012, there were 32 individuals who were presented with individual awards.

  • Freddie Adolphe
  • Vito Aglio
  • Walter Alvarado
  • John Amato
  • Jason Ayala
  • Sarrina Banks
  • William Bleichner
  • John Boden
  • Scott Clausi
  • Joseph D’Arco
  • Michael Donohue
  • Robert Eckstein
  • Benny Fazio
  • Robert Gomez
  • Patrick Groarke
  • Paul Hammer
  • Edgar Hernandez
  • Timothy Kieras
  • Bryan Kijik
  • Dennis Lennon
  • Paul Longo
  • Desmond Loughran
  • Charlie Matsis
  • Kevin McDermott
  • Matthew Mitchell
  • Jose Montalvo
  • Michael Mordeci
  • John Northrop
  • Paul Pippa
  • Modesto Tavarez
  • Robert Weston
  • Domingo Zayas

In addition, one operating group, System and Transmission Operations, was recognized in 2012 for maintaining exemplary safety performance throughout their organization.

“People and products are constantly evolving. Nothing is more satisfying for me than to see new ideas put into action to help reduce the hazards we face each day.”
Natalino Giraldi Natalino Giraldi Nat is a senior specialist in Gas Operations and was honored with the 2013 EDGE Award for his innovative improvements to three tools that make work safer for employees and our customers.