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Our Peers

Con Edison recognizes the importance of collaborating with our peers in an effort to identify best practices and continually improve our sustainability efforts. We look to participate in organizations which offer both the opportunity to interact with those within the utility industry as well as groups with cross-industry membership in order to provide fresh perspective on shared challenges. In an effort to identify best practices for improving what we do and influence policy in a way that protects our customers and our business, Con Edison participates as a member in a number of trade and cross-industry organizations. The following are some of the organizations with which we work.

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

EPRI is an independent, nonprofit organization that conducts research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) to help address challenges in electricity generation and delivery. While the company works with EPRI on numerous projects, we also participate in the EPRI Sustainability Interest Group (ESIG). This group has over 30 members from utility companies and focuses on issues of sustainability.

In 2012, the group completed and published a sustainable supply chain report which is available on the EPRI website. The ESIG also responded to the public comment period for the GRI G4 framework submitting a comment letter representing the feedback of our industry. ESIG is an opportunity to interact with our peer utilities to identify best practices which will move our sustainability program forward.

Environmental Energy Alliance of New York (EEANY) Generation and Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Committee

EEANY was established in 1999 as an informal organization of New York State utilities and generators, with the intention of focusing on New York State-related environmental regulatory issues of particular concern to electric utilities. Con Edison was a founding member and participates in the generating as well as transmission and distribution committees.

In 2012, EEANY participated in legislative discussions on the invasive species best management practice. The group’s executive was invited to participate in a modeling conference sponsored by the EPA related to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards and supported the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) modeling team.

The Conference Board EH&S Council

The Conference Board, founded in 1916, is a global, independent business membership and research association working to provide leading business organizations with the practical knowledge needed to improve their performance. The purpose of the EH&S Council is to improve the practice of corporate EH&S affairs and the management of related issues by facilitating the exchange of idea and sharing of experiences among peers; furthering the professional development of members; fostering the mutual understanding and partnership among members with reference to EH&S matters and related issues; and where appropriate, providing leadership to the broader business community by sharing insights and perspectives.

Our participation with the Conference Board EH&S Council allows us the opportunity to cross-pollinate ideas and concepts with the members of other industries such as the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, engineering, paper, electronic, chemical, aeronautics, and medical products industries.

Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Consortium Membership

The MGP Consortium was founded in 2003 and consists of approximately 30 natural gas and/or electric utility companies. Its mission is to provide a forum for member companies to obtain and share technical and program management information associated with the investigation and remediation of former MGP sites. As both Con Edison of New York and Orange and Rockland move forward in their respective programs to address their former MGP sites, the Consortium is a valuable resource for staff members to obtain information and share experiences on remediating these sites cost-effectively.

The MGP Consortium held three meetings in 2012 where information on the issues dealing with the management of MGP sites was discussed among other utilities that have MGP site responsibility.

Mercer Occupational Safety and Health Group

For 30 years, the Mercer Occupational Safety and Health Group has been a unique, ongoing network of key health and safety leaders from major multinational corporations in a wide variety of industries. Members face the same challenge: to provide safe and healthful working conditions in their organizations and to influence others including employees, government agencies and local communities to work constructively toward common safety and health objectives.

Throughout 2012, Mercer provided quarterly updates on litigation, rulemaking, legislation and best practices. Mercer also organized events such a symposium in Washington, D.C., that offered insights from, and input to, senior officials in the Occupation Health and Safety Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board, and the Chemical Safety and Hazardous Investigation Board.