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Our Customers

Cash Grants

Our employees mentored kids and teens and helped build robots with FIRST.


Con Edison supports groups with programs in math, science, engineering, energy, and technology for students from kindergarten through college. In 2012, we provided close to $1.3 million in charitable funding to organizations that focus on education.

Environmental Stewardship

Con Edison partners with programs that focus on energy efficiency, preservation of natural resources and parklands, environmental education, and green careers. In 2012, we provided about $1.4 million in charitable funding to environmental groups.

Community Partnerships

Con Edison supports groups that focus on youth, law enforcement, housing services, landmarks preservation, education, and diversity. In 2012, we contributed $2.2 million to community organizations.


Con Edison funds programs that provide young people ages 8 to 18 with the skills and opportunities for lifelong civic engagement. We seek to create interest in the democratic process by providing young people with the skills necessary to voice their opinions, affect policy changes, and remain civically engaged throughout their lives. In 2012, we provided $140,000 to organizations promoting civic engagement.

Arts and Culture

Con Edison supports organizations that contribute to arts and culture in a variety of ways from presenting visual and performing arts to the public to providing arts in education. In 2012, we contributed more than $2.3 million to arts and culture groups.


Our volunteer program gives Con Edison employees, retirees, and their families a chance to donate their time and resources to make a difference in the communities we serve. Volunteers participate in diverse and innovative activities at nonprofits throughout New York City and Westchester County. Con Edison employees and retirees donated more than 4,500 volunteer hours across New York City and Westchester County in 2012.

Board Participation Program

Con Edison employees serve on the governing boards of more than 150 nonprofit groups we support and that number increases every year. Our participation on nonprofit boards strengthens our relationships with our nonprofit partners, increases our awareness of community issues, fosters a corporate culture of community involvement, and helps employees develop new skills.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Along with our support, Con Edison also helps create synergies between community-based groups. We actively seek opportunities to foster partnerships and collaborations among nonprofits by connecting them with each other through programs or projects we support.

In-Kind Contributions

Con Edison enhances its support of nonprofit organizations through in-kind, non-cash donations. For example, we donate compact fluorescent light bulbs, services, and loaned labor, whereby an employee with a particular expertise or skill assists a nonprofit on a short-term project or program.

Matching Gifts

In 2012, Con Edison awarded more than $482,000 to nearly 173 higher education institutions through our employee matching-gift program. We provide a double match for employee and retiree gifts up to $3,000, and a single match for gifts of $3,001 up to a maximum of $7,500 in one calendar year. In 2012, our employee and retiree gifts plus our matching gifts to colleges and universities totaled almost $800,000.