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Our Customers

Customer Security Vulnerabilities

In 2012, Con Edison saw an increase of instances in which customers were deceived by scammers into divulging personal information or arranging bill payments through the use of prepaid credit cards and GreenDot cards. Through customer newsletters sent with bills and news releases, we communicated to our customers the importance of not providing account or personal information over the phone without first being certain they are speaking with an authorized Con Edison representative. We also advised customers to be on alert especially if asked to send bill payments to an out-of-state address, and about another scam that promised contest winnings if they supplied their Social Security number. Customers were further encouraged to ensure they are speaking with an authorized Con Edison representative by initiating a call to the company directly at 1-800-75-CONED when they need to discuss account information.

Our customer newsletters offer safety tips for severe weather, and messages about carbon monoxide and generator safety.