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con edison's commitment to the environment and to health and safety

Con Edison recognizes environmental stewardship, and maintaining the highest health and safety standards, as the cornerstone of everything we do. Business and operational initiatives throughout the company incorporate environment, health, and safety aspects into the decision-making process. All employees are held accountable for knowing the corporate environment, health, and safety requirements that apply to their assigned responsibilities, and for using the information in planning and completing their work.

There are six key environment, health, and safety objectives that focus the company's efforts:

  • Continuously improving safety performance
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable requirements
  • Enhancing relationships with stakeholders
  • Integrating environment, health, and safety with the corporate “Way We Work” principles that guide the conduct of all employees
  • Identifying and reducing significant risks to the environment, and to health and safety
  • Promoting the wise and effective use of natural resources
Putting the Commitment into Practice

In support of our vision, Con Edison has well defined environmental, health, and safety management systems. The company received formal certification for these management systems under the ISO 14001 Standard from the International Organization for Standardization. Ongoing compliance audits by independent auditors confirm that Con Edison has comprehensive environment, health, and safety management protocols in place, and that they are being properly implemented.

These management systems serve as the strategic framework for sustaining our commitment to excellence. They specify how we maintain procedures and provide employee training. They define the auditing, monitoring, and review processes that drive continuing gains in performance. The systems serve as the blueprint for advancing the identification, analysis, and management of environment, health, and safety risks to facilitate prediction and prevention efforts. They also point the way to reducing waste and preventing pollution through recycling and effective work-planning programs, and by promoting strategies for energy conservation.

Communicating Openly

Con Edison publishes an extensive Environment, Health and Safety Annual Report. This provides an in-depth look at the company's programs, results achieved, strategic initiatives for the future, and five-year logs of key environmental, health, and safety performance trends. To read the most recent Environment, Health and Safety Annual Report, click here.

Environment, Health, and Safety News

Con Edison's commitment to the environment, and to the safety and well being of its employees and the public, extends beyond its business operations. For example, the company hosts forums where environmental leaders can exchange ideas and share strategies for dealing with evolving environmental challenges. Con Edison also has a long tradition of providing support to environmental groups and educational organizations. In addition, the company pioneers pilot projects to demonstrate technologies with potential environmental benefits.